Arcane Circadian

The night sky, it seems so bare, but in truth all the stars are there. We’ve expanded the vacuum with our incandescent light, we kidnapped the nature of the night. Oh the nature of night was kidnapped by our light. We kidnapped the nature of the night. We should know better than we think, but […]

Dolbear’s Law

In the thicket past the luscious bushes, can you hear the cricket’s music? Tell me the temperature, by degrees… based on how the cricket sings. We traversed ivy and kudzu vines, and from time to time, we were hypnotized, by the flickering flashing of fireflies passing, dashing and passing and dashing on by. Sashaying and […]


They plowed our fields they built our cities they helped us bury our dead. We are in debt to our equine friends those odd-toed ungulates. You’ve gone as far as to war, with us, horse. You shall not worry, anymore, horse. For as long as you are able to ride, you’ll remain safe and secure […]


Persephone, don’t you eat that pomegranate seed, or even that of the simple persimmon. Persephone, now just wait a minute. For you might fall into surrender and fold into submission. Though you’re getting Stockholm Syndrome you’ll forever be in the prison of the Underworld of Hades, a thought that you do hate. For your poor […]


Pluto was a planet before the year two thousand, and then the Y2K came and took away his fame, what a terrible shame! And he was disinvited form the universe. But what came first? The knowledge of his existence, or his persistence to circle ’round the sun? Now a moment of silence, for our disenchanted […]


Strong endeavors with the weather Tether me to a thousand balloons so I can fly. To work up the nerve to desert my inertia, to churn up a force that’ll harness not hurt ya, I need the mind of an engineer, I need the mind of an engineer. Otto Lilienthal, his artificial hills, were conical, […]

Before You Leave

Before you leave, let’s make the sound of the best constellation in the sky. It’ll be a celebration for denouncing the hesitation which has served as a foundation for most of your life. Before you leave, could you give me the new directions, please? Or provide me with an intersection, at the very little, at […]


North, south, east, west… north, south, east, west… north, south, east, west… north, south, east, west… And I wrote a song about the rhododendron growing by the river. And did you know that the rhododendron resembles the mountain laurel? And when the two get together, they create a trifecta with the dog hobble? And for […]