About the Lake Accotink Sustainability Plan

I’m at the tail end of recording my third studio album, Lake Accotink. On Saturday, I tracked the 15th (and possibly) last song for the album. Now I just have to do some overdubs (adding other parts, like bass, drums, etc.) and then I can finish mixing the album.

Last week, I tracked a new song titled “Of the Lake & Land” paying homage to Lake Accotink Park. I lived by the lake for over twenty years and I am thankful for being able to receive so much from that park. It’s been a huge source of inspiration for my new album, which is an environmental song cycle exploring our multi-faceted relationship with nature. I also created a crankie for this song last week for fun (you can read more about what a crankie is here).

The same night that I started working on my crankie, I learned that Lake Accotink Park may be subject to some major changes in the near future. To summarize what’s going on, the lake goes through a dredging process every twenty years or so to manage sediment buildup. A current sustainability study is exploring other options to handle this issue. One option is to turn the lake into a stream-based park. It’s sad to consider that this familiar landscape may change in the next few years, but at least these options are focused on environmental improvement.

To help spread the word about this, I uploaded part of my crankie with some text about this news. You can watch it below:

You can learn more about the sustainability study here and the Master Plan Revision Process here. Public comments on the matter can be sent to parkmail@fairfaxcounty.gov until February 28th, 2018.